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серия: CUBE BOOK

издательство: White Star Publishers


страниц: 736 стр.

тип обложки: Переплет (твердый)

язык: русский

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Gardening enthusiasts will find refuge in the pages of this colourful compendium. From Zen gardens on the grounds of Buddhist temples to the herb gardens of the Middle Ages to the quintessential flower gardens of English country houses, we have had an ongoing mission to tame and refashion nature. Japanese artists and Impressionists alike have been inspired by flowers, and people all over the world seek refuge and sensory pleasure from gardens. This new addition to "White Star"`s bestselling "CubeBook" series celebrates the diversity of manmade landscapes, depicting through hundreds of photographs, glorious gardens around the globe. "Gardens CubeBook" takes readers on a tour of the world`s finest gardens including the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, the Huntington Gardens in California, Filoli in Florida, the Boboli Garden in Florence, the Royal Botanical Garden in Kew, Vaux le Vicomte and Versailles outside Paris, and the Keukenhof flower show park in The Netherlands. Spectacular panoramic photographs capture the stunning landscapes and diversity of plant species of these gardens, while close-ups demonstrate the jeweltoned glory of every kind of flower under the sun. Individual chapters focus on Oriental gardens, geometric patterns in gardening, greenhouses, and such decorative elements as sundials, gazebos, and benches, all of which serve to make a garden a welcoming extension of the home.