X-files: x marks the spot

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издательство: Harper Collins


страниц: 120 стр.

тип обложки: Обложка (мягкая)

язык: <u>английский</u>

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Секретные материалы. На англ. языке.

Class of the Doomed.

The FBI thinks Fox Mulder is weird – or worse. He keeps insisting that aliens are running amok on earth. His lovely and level-headed partner, Agent Dana Scully, is supposed to keep him in line. But that`s hard to do when they`re investigating an Oregon high school class full of corpses and the walking dead.

Yes, Mulder`s theories about the class of `89 are beyond strange. But in a world where minds are turned off like lights, bodies blossom with otherworldly scars, and the night explodes with blinding evil, Fox Mulder may not be weird at all. He may just be the one with the answers nobody`s ready to hear…